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According To WHO & Other Research Centers, There Is No Medicine, No Remedies That Can Kill The CoronaVirus Completely. But We Can Protect Ourself By doing Few Practices. People Are Panic. They Are Worried For Their Health. That’s Why They Even Can’t Notice The Mask & Duplicate Sanitizer Business Racket.

We Can Defeat This Virus Like We Did With Many Viruses. We Have To Spread Positivity, Awareness. Here Are A Few Things That We Can Do To Save This Beautiful Earth & Our Lovely Ones:

1. Follow Government Rules Seriously.

2. Avoid Partying, meeting with people, stop strikes immediately & reduce going on public places (if it’s emergency then you can but with safety).

3. Wash Your Hands With Soap, Warm Water, Sanitizer Or Hand Wash Soap. The Best One Is To Use Your Regular Hand Wash Moisture Shield If You Can’t Afford Sanitizer Or It’s Not Available.

4. Boost Your Immune System. Because No Medicine Have Been Made Till date To Protect You From CoronaVirus. People With Strong Immune System Can Recover Or Protect Against Corona. You Can Build Immune Instantly By Doing Couple Of Exercises, Herbal Drink, Control On Food Consumption. In addition, to be positive & spread positivity you can do meditation. We Have Made A Morning-Evening Plan That Can Help You Build Shield Against CoronaVirus. We Are Charging A Very Small Amount To Pay Our Experts, Maintain Website. Also, We Will Give A Portion Of Collected Amount To Funds In Order To Help People.   CLICK HERE>>

5. Don’t believe in myths like hot weather, super cool weather, taking a hot bath, using a mask, hand dryers, ultraviolet disinfection lamp, thermal lamp, spraying alcohol & chlorine, Vaccines Against Pneumonia, Rinsing the nose with saline, eating garlic, Middle Age, Antibiotic & Medicines Can Protect You From CoronaVirus.

Access Morning-Evening Plan

Build A Shield Against Corona Blended With Ancient Remedies,Yoga,Precautions & Screening Tool

CoronaVirus Screening Tool

We Have Built Corona Screening Test Tool Based On The Research Done On Corona Patients. If You Have Been In Touch With Corona Positive Person Have Any Symptoms Then No Need To Take Taste. You Should Isolate Yourself & Consult Doctor Immediately.

Till Date There Is No Medicine That Can Protect Us From CoronaVirus. But We Can Protect Ourself By Doing Few Practices Like, Strictly Follow Government Rules, Stop Attending Public Gatherings (If Necessary Then Attend But Have A Distance), Wash Your Hands 5-7 Times A Day & Boost Your Immune System.

Join Our Build A Shield Against Corona Program. Our Program Is Blended With Precautions, Ancient Remedies, Yoga, Daily Practices & screening Tool. Our Program Is Based On Deep Research & Facts. No Medicine Can Protect From Corona Infection. But We Can Build A Shield (Immunity Boost, Yoga Daily Practice, Precautions)To Protect From Corona. We Are Charging Very Less In Order To Pay Experts & Maintenance Of Website. We’ll Donate A Portion To Funds Related To Corona.

CoronaVirus – Live Counting

Useful Videos-WHO

How To Use Mask?

CoronaVirus Myths

Access Morning-Evening Plan

Build A Shield Against Corona Blended With Ancient Remedies,Yoga,Precautions & Screening Tool

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