Build A Shield Against Corona Program

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Special Yoga For Corona

#Number1- 1 Minute

  • Inhale Deeply (As Much As You Can)
  • Exhale With Full Force
  • Continue This For 1 Minute

#Number2- 1 Minute

  • Inhale Slowly (First Time)
  • Start Exhaling & Inhaling Fastly With Full Force
  • Try to exhale & inhale at least 50 times in 1 Minute

#Number3 (Kumbhaka Pranayama)

Inhale, inflating the lungs as fully as possible. Hold the breath for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, inhale a little more. Then hold it for as long as you can. One caveat: For anxious people, breath retention can be difficult. Strom suggests starting with holding the breath for 3 seconds, or as long as feels comfortable, and working your way up.

#Number4 (Kapalabhati Pranayama)

To start, take a full, deep inhalation and exhale slowly. Inhale again, and begin exhaling by quickly pulling in the lower abs to force air out in short spurts. Your inhalation will be passive between each active, quick exhalation. Continue for 25–30 exhalations.

Yoga For Immunity


  • Start by sitting in a comfortable position, legs crossed or kneeling on the ground.
  • With shoulders over the hips and head elevated over the shoulders, extend your body, a little.
  • Now, inhale a deep breath which stretches to the spine and then slowly exhale.
  • Stay in this position for at least 10 breaths.

Viparita Karani

  • Lay a yoga mat or a blanket on the floor. Now sit down, turning your side towards the wall.

  • Slowly, swing your legs against the wall by moving your hip and pelvis a little. Do not attempt to do the complete step at once, especially if you are a beginner.

  • When you get into the position, make sure that you do not let a lot of stress on your lower back and hamstring muscles.

  • Try to elevate your hip muscles a little. Let your headrest comfortably. The slight elevation will give a boost to your blood flow and lead to more benefits.

  • Stay in this position for a minimum of 5-15 minutes. It will take a little time to get used to but once you master it, there will be no going back.


  • From the standing position, stretch your feet to hip-distance apart.
  • Now, as you start to fold, slightly bend your knees and relax your hips a little. Do it gently.
  • As you do, rest your hands on the floor. Beginners can place them on the ankles or thighs.
  • Stay in this position for 5-10 breaths.
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